Spirit of Nantucket

Spirit of Nantucket (renamed Spirit of Glacier Bay for 2008 season)
As you all know the Cruise West Spirit of NanTucket took on water during its last Altlantic Sea Board cruise. While the press has been at times crazy in its coverage, many old time cruises have responded positively as follows:

We are happy 2-time veterans of your cruises (Alaska Wilderness Waterways in 2005 and BC last month) and hope to cruise with you again soon. We live in Virginia on a Chesapeake Bay Creek when we aren’t living aboard our boat. For the 2 few days, the local news coverage of the Spirit of Nantucket has been huge.

First, our commiserations. We hope that the damage isn’t so bad that you cannot take her to Seattle soon, as we heard was planned. Over the many years that we have travelled the ICW on our 5′ draft ketch when it was too bad to venture outside, we have had our many encounters with snags and shoals despite constant watch keeping. One hit resulted in no steering, a tow and haul out (guess that sounds familiar to you!). In the section of your hit we have been scared various times by depth finder blips. Thus, we are obviously in awe that helmsmen could take boats of your size and draft through such shoal and snag ridden channels. We are sorry that it was your company that hit something bad. It was inevitable that someone would. We are sure that your crew did nothing wrong!

Next, our congratulations. Unlike us, when you have trouble the whole world knows it! When we first heard the news, we worried that the media would find some way to tar your company. Yes, it has been a feeding frenzy for the Norfolk press, but we have the impression that Cruise West is coming though as a wonderful company that deserves peoples’ business. The coverage has been long and tedious, but laced with many, many positive comments from your passengers and even the Coast Guard about how your crew handled the passenger evacuation. Today we watched reporters standing outside the Hilton showing pictures of the hotel and bus with repeated comments of how luxurious the accommodations are and how contented your passengers are. One station even showed the “luxurious” inside of the bus!

We are proud of you, Cruise West! Hope that the good press continues and that you get her off soon with minimal damage and cost!

Marjorie and Bill Goettle


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