Chesapeake Bay


There is no way to describe the unique decorations on each of the dinning tables after a dinner of crabs. They were piled high, sloppy. messy, I needed a bib, and fun was had by all.

We were on the American Eagle Crabfest cruise in Chesapeake Bay. We had a delightful time on our visits to small towns throughout Virgina and Maryland. It is unique pulling up to a dock and getting off the ship instead of driving through town and staying in hotels. This is a no packing or unpacking experience. It is like your own private floating B and B.

Our fellow passengers were well traveled and a delight. Our crew were youngish college age kids who were friendly, fun and seemed to love their job. Food was fresh, well prepared and way too much of it. All drinks, wine, soda and an open bar were always available. There were always snacks and cookies for the asking.

Our cabin was quite roomy considering the smallish of the ship. We had two single beds pushed together and a nice bathroom. Our friends had a balcony which next time we will definitely go for. There were many repeat passengers on our trip and we can see why. We had a great time and will come back on one of the other sailings up the Atlantic Coast.

Our travel agent Linda was helpful in giving us information. We were prepared for the country club casual dress as well as information on some of the tours that we took, and what to see in the places we visited. It was nice to have some education before we got on the ship.

Overall, a very nice experience. It was relaxing, educational and fun, a good value for the dollar. We would do it again in a heartbeat. Linda, send us the 2008 catalog please.

Miriam and Abe


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