Sail and Save $500 to the Galapagos Islands

The Galápagos Islands, located 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador, provide a natural habitat for some of the world’s most unusual animals. No where else on earth do people have the opportunity to interact with such a wide array of creatures. From blue-footed boobies to red-throated frigatebirds; marine iguanas and giant tortoises to playful sea lion pups, Galápagos penguins and many other interesting inhabitants — the sheer amount of wildlife here is astounding. In most cases, you can walk or swim right up to these creatures and they couldn’t care less. It’s not that they are tame — not at all. It’s simply that they have never developed an instinctive fear of man, and thus, we are blissfully ignored. In this, the Land of Darwin, we have the distinct privilege to not only observe the wildlife, but to become immersed in it and study it at a level that even the groundbreaking British scientist might never have dreamed possible.

This remarkable journey brings you face to face with the extraordinary natural wonders of this wildlife sanctuary. With an experienced staff of Naturalists, you encounter wildlife that does not fear people and is so abundant that you may have to watch your footing to avoid disturbing the nap of a resting sea lion or a passing iguana. Animal life varies from island to island, but likely encounters include: penguins fishing off the rocky lava shores, blue-footed boobies performing a courtship “dance” ritual, or a male frigatebird ballooning his crimson chest pouch to attract a female. You can snorkel with playful sea lions, kayak and swim in the amazing Pacific, or find a quiet corner of a deserted beach.

  • Travel on the September 5 or October 3, 2008 Galapagos Islands aboard National Geographic Polaris sailings and receive a $500 per person Air Credit

View itinerary details: Galapagos aboard National Geographic Polaris


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