Which is Better? Large Mega-liners or Small Ships

Large mega-liner compared to a small ship

Well, it truly depends on the person. Just as one mans junk is another man’s treasure, people who love cruising on a huge megaliner may not appreciate exploring a destination aboard a small adventure ship. Likewise, a person who loves the intimacy and rich experiences of a small ship cruise may long for the man-made excitement onboard a floating resort.

Of course, there are plenty of pluses and minuses to each. Cost, up-close experiences, etc.

So what’s your choice; large ship or small ship? And why? We’d love to hear from you. Leave your comments below.


4 thoughts on “Which is Better? Large Mega-liners or Small Ships

  1. sscruise

    While I’ve been on several large ships, I’m opting for a small ship on my next cruise. The larger ships provide many conveniences and activities, yet when going to a destination like Alaska, the star of the show is the destination and it’s scenery, not bingo at 3pm, or the art auction extravaganza at 1pm. I want to see the wildlife, closer than I can at my local zoo or aquarium. I want to feel the cold radiate from a glacier or the mist from a glacier waterfall. I want to experience the destination, not the cruise experience. Been there, done that.

  2. CCDcn

    My preference is for the large ship experience. I prefer to have a ship with an array of selections and choices. In addition, my preference is to be pampered with the many conveniences of a large ship experience, including the personal spaces found along the decks. Although I have not yet cruised on a small ship, I anticipate there would be many times when there would be forced conversation as people tend to feel the need to constantly talk even when there is nothing to say. The point of a vacation is to be free of restrictions and not to have parameters in which you are made to chit-chat when you may otherwise simply want to stare off and take in some peace and tranquility. It would seem that the small ship experience minimizes the hope for not only personal space on deck due to its size but depending upon the other ship mates, one may never have a quiet moment to themselves.

  3. I love the mega ships too as they offer more variety in activities and facilities. They are like floating resorts. I am not worried by not having personal space as there is extra space as well as people on board.

    What clinches it for me is that there are more bars and more restaurants and more public spaces to enjoy.

  4. My job as a travel agent is to provide the options and have the client tell me what they want from their cruise experience.

    I have been doing this for a long time. I have been on all the big and small ships. I used to offer everything but in the last five years I have gone with my passion, the small ships, and that is all is do. I can pick out the words and ideas that tell me what the client is looking for.

    If I offer the wrong option to a client I am dogmeat, they will not be happy with their cruise. I find it is not a gray area. Either people are big ship and love the experience where the ship is the destination and the itinerary secondary. Or they have done the big ships and now want a small ship with immersion into the destination. I will say that with all my repeat business I have never had a small ship client return to a large ship. They are pretty much apples and oranges. No right or wrong, just different experiences.

    Sunstone Tours

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