Reactions to May 2008 Alaska Cruises

Some of the first passengers are back from their 2008 Alaska cruises. Here’s what they had to say…

“I always thought photographers waited for hours to get that perfect shot of the whales tale. We sailed out of Juneau and 45 minutes later I had three perfect shots and probably 150 non perfect.”
— J Reynolds, Dallas

“After three days of whale sightings, they became ho hum. It was the two foxes on the beach that got me excited. Mark our naturalist said in three years of saling Alaska, he had never seen a fox on the beach.” — John McKinley, Chicago

“Food a 10, service a 10, experience a 10, Marge my favorite staff member a 11, cabin a 8, whales lost count at 43 and we were only on the four night Glacier Bay Highlights cruise. Cruise West, you Rock!”
— Aaron Marken – 15 years old – Santa Monica, CA

“Viewing whales in itself was the price of the ticket. Having Gene the naturalist & whale specialist standing with me, explaining what I was seeing, was worth double the price of my ticket.”
— Johanna -Littleton, CO

Interested in what they experienced? View our Alaska small ship itineraries.


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