Spirit of Glacier Bay update…

An insiders report of how Cruise West stepped up to the plate and took care of my clients.

It is when an emergency takes place that you realize how well an organization is put together and how they handle the crisis.

Being the top agent in the nation for Cruise West, I put many people on their ships. When I received the first call that morning about the Spirit of Glacier Bay hitting a sandbar, my honest first reaction was I wanted to climb under the covers, thirty seconds later we were in action.

To give an idea of how this works…

Four clients already left home and were on their way to Denali to do their land tour and then the cruise on Spirit of Glacier Bay. While they were on the train from Fairbanks to Denali, Cruise West was rearranging the puzzle pieces to accommodate them on another sailing. They continued with their land tour and when they arrived in Juneau they were given the option of another sailing along with future cruise credit as well as ship board credit for their new cruise.

Each passenger booking is taken apart and the pieces of the puzzle put back together to offer an option other than cancellation. So far 100% of my clients have taken the option offered them. In all cases, the cruise has been longer, more interesting destinations, and worth more in value than their original there or four night cruise they originally booked. Cruise West is also covering any costs of flight changes.

It is not easy being flexible when I make that call notifying clients about their canceled cruise and that we are working on options for them. So far 100% satisfaction as Cruise West has been quick, efficient and generous in their offers to my passengers of the canceled cruises.

So kudos to you, Cruise West.


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