For Photographers, The World Is Your Classroom

Outdoor Photographer Magazine published an article in their June 2008 issue titled “The World is Your Classroom.” The article calls out small ship cruising, and in particular, Lindblad Expeditions, for their photographic experiences. Here’s an excerpt:

“Lindblad Expeditions offers what they call Expeditions, or exotic photo trips, each with 60 to 150 participants sailing away on one of their seven ships to places like the Arctic, Antarctica, Baja or the west coast of South America. The trips aren’t seen as workshops, but more of ample opportunities to photograph various wildlife and landscapes while being accompanied by National Geographic’s finest photographers.”

Recognizing the value a small ship cruise experience can bring the photographer, Sunstone Tours & Cruises provides a special section on their website for small ship photography trips. The offerings cover the gamut of experiences; from exploring Alaska’s Inside Passage to discovering new territory in the Antarctic, and everything inbetween. View our Photography-themed sailings…


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