Cruise Review: Maine Coast & Harbors aboard American Star

We just posted a new cruise review; Maine Coast & Harbors aboard American Cruise Lines’ American Star. Sunstone Tours & Cruises owner Linda Androlia sailed aboard American Star in July. Here’s an excerpt of her review:

“We thoroughly enjoyed our week on the American Star. Sailing from one small town to another allowed us to feel the differences in personality and prosperity. We learned what made the towns historically grow from fishing, farming, mining, paper mills, ship building and when their fortunes changed how the locals were able to cope and find other sources to sustain their economy. Tourism and the summer population bring Maine alive with its history and beautiful coastline. We truly loved this trip.”

Read the entire review…


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  1. It sounds like a very interesting cruise. The different ports and all the history and beautiful coastline. Eating all the different foods like lobster would be really neat. Is this an all inclusive cruise package?

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