Pearl Seas Names New Ship

Pearl Seas Cruises, the American luxury small ship cruise line, a subsidiary of American Cruise Lines, and which is scheduled to sail the Atlantic Coast, Canadian maritimes, the Great Lakes, and the Caribbean has just named it’s inaugural ship currently being built the Pearl Mist.

The Pearl Mist will feature 108 suites, all with private balconies. Haute cuisine will be enjoyed in the spacious, glass lined dining salon. The ship will also boast 6 comfortable lounges, a spa, library and a sports & recreation deck.

This ship is designed to be fast, allowing for more time in ports, and less time getting there.

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2 thoughts on “Pearl Seas Names New Ship

  1. The Pearl Mist is set to sail in March in the Caribbean according to their website. As you might know the ship orginally was to sail this year 2008 but was put on hold.

    Pearl Seas Cruises is owned by Charles Robinson who also owes American Cruise Line. The American Cruise Line ships are built in his own shipyard so he has total control over the building.

    The Pearl Seas is not being built in his shipyard since it is larger and will be built for ocean sailing, so he does not have as much control over the time frame.

    I also have my fingers crossed for the ship arriving on time.

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