Cruise Review: Spirit of Yorktown – Alaska’s Inside Passage

We just posted a new cruise review for the Spirit of Yorktown sailing Alaska’s Inside Passage.

Here’s an excerpt:

“The Spirit of Yorktown was simply amazing. While I had selected this ship for its itinerary and recent refurbishments, I was initially concerned about the comfort of a small ship and whether we would feel too constricted. The cabins were absolutely cozy and the beds were unbelievably comfortable. I really looked forward to getting into bed after the full days we had. There was plenty of closet space, with three closets hosting three drawers each. And while that was plenty, there was more room under each bed if needed.”

View the entire cruise review…


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  1. Good review, I am glad we are going on the Yorktown as it sounds like a nice ship. Linda said it was the besgt of the CruiseWest fleet.

  2. This was a very good review. I’ve never been on the Spirit of Yorktown but you make it sound wonderful. It makes me itch to get on board soon!

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