Prince Albert II to Reposition to Arctic

Prince Albert II, Silversea’s most recent addition to its luxury fleet, will sail arctic waters during the summer season starting June 1, 2009. Prince Albert II had been scheduled to explore French Polynesia. The change is due to the popularity of the ship’s Arctic sailings during it’s inaugural tour in 2008.

The ship will operate nine expeditions in the Arctic before heading south to spend fall and winter exploring Antarctica as well as the remote islands of South Georgia and the Falklands.

The Arctic region, has become a very sought-after adventure cruise destination. Its undisturbed beauty, remoteness and plethora of indigenous flora and fauna, have awakened travelers’ sense of wonder.

Seven-day voyages to either Svalbard or Greenland will provide a great overview of their far-off treasures, be it the early ice of the season or the awakening polar bears, whereas a 10- to 16-day exploration may take you to the farthest corners of the world. On its “Far Side of Svalbard” expedition, the Prince Albert II is set to circumnavigate the archipelago; on its “Frozen Worlds” expedition, plans call for a return visit to the volcanic island of Jan Mayen, whose access was granted to just three vessels in 2008, including Silversea’s.

Prior to this Arctic deployment, the Prince Albert II will explore British waters with two equally enticing voyages: an exclusive journey across the Channel Islands, with select stopovers in Cornwall, Brittany and Normandy; next onto secluded parts of Scotland and Ireland, taking in the wonderful sights of “Britain in Bloom” and enabling budding botanists and ornithologists to live their passion to the full. Likewise, the Central and South American expeditions scheduled in autumn, some of which may be combined, will provide yet another opportunity to experience firsthand jungle-scapes, ancient cultures and indigenous sea and wildlife.

The complete details around these itineraries will be available from the Arctic section of Sunstone Tours & Cruises.


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