Christmas in Antarctica

christmaspenguinsSo what is Christmas like in Antarctica?

Well, first remember that Christmas comes during Antarctica’s summer. And as most of the people in Antarctica this time of year are either scientists or cruisers, it does make for a non-traditional setting.

Here’s some interesting facts on Christmas in Antarctica:

  • A White Christmas is guaranteed!
  • Christmas Day is celebrated in 24 hour daylight, as it comes just a few days after the longest day in the southern hemisphere.
  • Christmas is the time for the annual “Race Around the World,” which is a run, jog, walk around the geographic South Pole. This usually takes just a few minutes to accomplish.
  • There is no Christmas shopping season, as there are no stores, and UPS/Fed Ex don’t deliver to this region.
  • The Christmas meal may be traditional, yet supplemented with dried, tinned or frozen meats & vegetables.

Luckily, cruise passengers have many luxuries that ensure a more traditional holiday meal.

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