Cruise West Sailing to Antarctica in 2010

Cruise West recently announced their expansion to Antarctica, the White Continent. For those adventurous souls who follow the path less traveled, Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falklands offer untold rewards.

Its vast ice-covered expanses may seem inhospitable, but during the brief austral summer, this is home to some of the most amazing wildlife spectacles on earth. Millions of penguins and sea birds come here to raise their young, five species of seal crowd the beaches and ice floes, whales and dolphins thrive on the rich plankton and marine life below the surface.

Landscapes range from Rubenesque ice floes to serrated peaks scratching the sky, rocky beaches to smooth hillsides covered in pumpkin-colored lichens. And with the almost constant daylight, watching the wildlife and scenery is an around-the-clock opportunity.

You’ll explore this vast wilderness aboard the elegant 114-guest Corinthian II, sister ship to Cruise West’s Spirit of Oceanus. The Corinthian II has established itself as one of the finest expedition cruise ships in Antarctica. With an ice-strengthened hull, a fleet of Zodiac inflatable craft for forays ashore and a set of stabilizers for smooth sailing, this high-quality expedition cruise ship can explore the Antarctic Peninsula and the Antarctic islands in comfort and safety. And 360° views of the panorama of ever-changing light, beautifully sculpted ice forms and rich wildlife are possible thanks to expansive deck space, including a promenade deck which completely encircles the entire ship, allowing for unobstructed viewing from all angles. For guests returning from shore landings, Corinthian II is a welcoming home in this remote part of the Earth.

Now, here’s the important part: only one sailing. One chance to experience Antarctica in a unique way, the Cruise West way. Up-close, casual and personal.

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2 thoughts on “Cruise West Sailing to Antarctica in 2010

  1. Gloria Gery

    The link to antartica cruises on sun stone does nto work…. it keeps redirecting and I never get to to the tour info. Please email me a good link. thanks.

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