Win a Lindblad Galapagos Cruise with Jeopardy

Note: This contest, hosted by the game show Jeopardy in partnership with Lindblad Expeditions, ended on May 1. See the comments below for information on the contest results.

Starting today, March 30th, watch Jeopardy for the next month and you’ll have a chance to win an expedition cruise to the Galapagos Islands. Additionally, you’ll explore islands with Alex Trebek.

In commemoration of Jeopardy’s 25th anniversary, one person a day will win 9-night trips for two to the Galapagos. Prizes include a week-long cruise exploring one of the most biologically diverse regions on the planet aboard the rugged, 110-passenger National Geographic Endeavor, as well as flights, pre-cruise hotel and some spending money. Alex Trebek, host of the show, will join the winners on the Galapagos cruise, which is scheduled to take place on October 16, 2009.

Here’s how the contest works: Watch the show weekdays from March 30 to May 1 and then visit to submit the correct Final Jeopardy category, any ‘ol answer, from that day’s episode. One winner will be selected each day from those who have posted correctly.

Read more about this itinerary here…


19 thoughts on “Win a Lindblad Galapagos Cruise with Jeopardy

  1. Margarita Lopez

    My favorite game is Jeopardy. Everyday I watch the show since the 1980’s. My children played with me and I learned a lot of words watching the show. My dream is to meet Alex Trebek in person and travel to the Galapagos to celebrate Darwin’s anniversary .

  2. Doreen

    Gin. I have wanted to go to the Gal. islands as long as I can remember. I love your show, I love creatures of the land and the sea. Did I mention that I am also from Canada, but I am now an American citizen.

  3. Audrey Vanek

    We try not to miss your show. We have watched it for many years. We traveled to many places, but never to Gal Islands. This is my secret desire! And to go with Alex Trebek would really be the”icing on the cake”.
    We are married 59 years this June. We would love to see all the magnificent animals while we are still able.

  4. paula talbot

    Three of my favorite things:
    1- Alex Trebek/Jeopardy
    2- Animals
    3- A cruise (only in my dreams)
    Putting these all together would be absolutely wonderful! Nose to nose with a giant tortoise, I can only imagine. Wow, would I ever feel young!
    IRS day, I’ve already been to Hudson’s Bay!

  5. joyce baker

    ienjoy jeopardy every night for almost since jeopardy started, have learned a lot from jeopardy questions and answers, but would love to go to galapagos islands to experience a strange world there.

  6. Jim Miller

    When do we find out if we won the trip with Jeopardy to the Galapagos Islands???
    Please let us know if we win or do not win!!
    What date will this happen. Thank You.

  7. Everyone who played the Jeopardy / Lindblad Expeditions contest, thank you. Information on the contest is located at .

    The official rules are located here:

    According to the official rules:
    Drawing and Notification of Potential Winners: For each daily sweepstakes, one (1) potential winner will be randomly selected from among all eligible Entries received for that particular daily sweepstakes. Drawing for daily sweepstakes #1 – #4 will be held on or about April 4, 2009. Drawing for daily sweepstakes #5 – #10 will be held on or about April 11, 2009. Drawing for daily sweepstakes #11 – #25 will be held on or about May 13, 2009. Non-winning eligible Entries will NOT be retained for subsequent daily sweepstakes drawings (e.g., eligible Entries for daily sweepstakes #1 will not be retained for daily sweepstakes #2). Winner for the Overall Prize (as defined below) will be randomly selected from among all the daily sweepstakes prize winners in a drawing held after all the daily sweepstakes prize winners have been determined. All drawings will be conducted by the Sweepstakes Administrator, an independent judging organization, at its offices in Burbank, CA. Each potential winner (or his/her parent/legal guardian if he/she is a resident of a jurisdiction that deems him/her to be a minor) will be notified by phone (from winner’s Registration Information) within one (1) week of being drawn. If a potential winner cannot be reached after a reasonable effort has been exerted during a 2-business day period, if he/she is found to be ineligible, if he/she cannot or does not comply with these Official Rules, or if his/her prize or prize notification is returned as undeliverable, such potential winner will be disqualified, and an alternate potential winner for such prize may be selected at Sponsor’s sole discretion.

  8. Rusty Cole

    Hi ~
    I would like to see the winners list for the Jeopardy Galapagos Island trip with Alex Trebek. Would you be so kind as to guide me in the right direction ~ I cannot locate it anywhere,
    I’m ready to go !!!!!
    Thank you Ms Rusty Cole .

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