Top 10 Reasons to Travel In the Wake of Lewis & Clark With Lindblad Expeditions

  1. Experience Matters. Lindblad Expeditions (LEX) has been operating voyages along the Columbia and Snake rivers for more than 15 years, longer than any other company.
  2. Ships ideally suited for river navigation. Carrying just 62 guests and with a shallow draft, our sister ships Sea Lion and Sea Bird take you almost 500 miles inland up the Columbia and Snake rivers, in the comfort of a large private yacht.
  3. The most knowledgeable and experienced team of Historians and Naturalists. Many of our Expedition Leaders, Naturalists and Historians have been accompanying our voyages along the Columbia and Snake rivers for a decade or more. Some are professors specializing in the history of Lewis and Clark. Others have extensively studied the botany and geology of the region. All are engaging, personable experts eager to share their knowledge and stories with you.
  4. Local experts. Along our route we engage local experts to expand on some of the themes introduced by our shipboard staff: the mountain crossing by the Corps of Discovery, the history of river navigation, the cataclysmic origins of the Columbia River Gorge.
  5. Kayaking. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned kayaker you can enjoy the sense of personal discovery by exploring the lower reaches of the remote Palouse River, a tributary of
    the Snake River, with our fleet of kayaks.
  6. Native American cultures. You travel through the land of the Nez Perce, once led by the famous Chief Joseph. At the Nez Perce Center you’ll learn about the rich culture of the tribe, and how they aided the Corps of Discovery on their journey.
  7. The locks. Locking-in is one of the most fascinating aspects of your river journey. You’ll travel through a total of eight different locks that lift you some 700 feet in all – nearly ten
    times what transiting the Panama Canal entails.
  8. The deepest gorge in North America. You have an opportunity to travel by jet boat up the Snake River into Hells Canyon, a spectacularly beautiful gorge, the deepest in all of North
  9. Expedition technology. Video microscopes, plasma screens, Video Chroniclers, daily expedition reports; all of these tools add significant value to the experience of exploring the Columbia and Snake rivers. Our Video Chronicler records the experiences of each voyage and will have a copy available for you by the time you disembark.
  10. Our dedication to excellent expeditions is never at the cost of comfort. We offer comfortable cabins, fine cuisine that features fresh regional products, a menu of spa treatments, fitness equipment, guest email service, and seamless handling throughout your journey.

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