Top 10 Reasons to Travel to Arctic Norway With Lindblad Expeditions

  1. Isbjorn. Nowhere, and we mean nowhere, can the polar bear be seen more reliably in its completely natural environment. And we have a proven knack for finding them.
  2. Seasoned Staff. Our Expedition Staff have been exploring this rugged wilderness for years, even decades. Their in-depth knowledge, on-the-ground experience and overwhelming enthusiasm for Svalbard will make your expedition.
  3. Heritage. Our company is founded by, and made up of modern-day “Vikings.” Scandinavia is in our blood, it’s on the Bridge, in your Zodiac and an ever-present part of your expedition.
  4. Photo Expedition. Each season we offer a departure or two that is staffed with professional wildlife photographers that are, even more importantly, excellent teachers. They’ll help you improve your photographic skills – guaranteed!
  5. Undersea. We’ve found the undersea to be such an amazing and integral part of the polar experience we’ve dedicated a position to it. The Undersea Specialist will, in addition to many other things, don a drysuit and “capture” (via video camera) footage of critters so seldom-seen, we’ve even had local scientists guessing at what it could be.
  6. Mudmaps. Our Ice Masters have such vast experience in this region, they have made their own soundings and maps of areas that otherwise simply aren’t well-charted. In other words, we’ll get you to the “lesser-traveled” and back, safely.
  7. Polar Kayaking. We pioneered kayaking in the polar regions. We have devised a safe peration that allows you to enjoy the freedom and solitude of kayaking amongst the stunning Svalbard scenery.
  8. National Geographic Experts. On every expedition, you’ll travel in the company of a National Geographic explorer, writer, photographer or historian. They will have an intimate relationship with Svalbard that will give your expedition unique perspective.
  9. Local Flavor. We infuse local flavor into many elements of our cuisine and beverage. Whether it’s the local fish or the way we prepare your entree, you will definitely know where you are. And you can count on authenticity, since many of our galley staff are Scandinavian.
  10. “Je ne sais quoi” – That certain something on National Geographic Explorer. It’s impossible to articulate, yet impossible to not feel: the spirit and camaraderie between the ship’s personnel and the guests. Once aboard, you’re family. Perhaps that’s why 54% of the guests on National Geographic Endeavour have traveled aboard before.
  11. Video Chronicle. Your time is valuable, and trying to capture the Arctic experience is an immense feat. So, while we certainly encourage and support those who will photograph and film their voyage, we also want you to be able to relax, knowing that a professional will have produced a chronicle of your Arctic expedition, ready before you leave the ship.

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