Mount Redoubt Hot on Twitter

Mount Redoubt, a volcano about 100 miles southwest of Anchorage, Alaska, is hot. Not only is it continually erupting (since March), it’s also hot on Twitter.

According to a CNN article, over 7,000-plus individuals “follow” the Twitter feed of the volcano. The feed is made up of short posts of 140 characters or less. These posts are being made by scientists and employees from Alaska Volcano Observatory.

Here’s an example of some of the posts made:

“Eruption of Redoubt continues. Seismicity remains elevated. Webcam and satellite images are currently obscured due to weather conditions.”

“The eruption of Redoubt volcano continues. Seismicity remains elevated.Thermal anomalies visibl… Read more at

“Annotated webcam image showing height of the waterfall with a representative Empire State building bar included for scale.

Follow Mount Redoubt’s Twitter feed
Read the CNN Article on Mount Redoubt becoming an Internet star
Follow Sunstone Tours & Cruises on Twitter


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