Top 10 Reasons to Travel to Europe With Lindblad Expeditions

  1. National Geographic Experts. On every expedition, you’ll travel in the company of a National Geographic explorer, writer, photographer or historian. They will have an intimate relationship with Europe that will give your voyage unique perspective.
  2. Blend of Highlights & Off-the-beaten-path. Every voyage through Europe balances the “must-see” destinations and cities, such as the Alhambra and Stockholm, with the lesser-traveled, such as the bird cliffs of Stora Karlso or the wonderfully laid-back Italian island of Lipari.
  3. Pacing. And just as we carefully calculate our itineraries, we also ensure every day is paced appropriately, with just the right amount of overview and guiding, as well as built-in free time, to really settle-in and be “of” a place.
  4. Layering-on of Natural History. While our focus in Europe is primarily on the historical, cultural
    and archaeological, we’ll also ensure our hallmark Expedition Team includes a handful of Naturalists who will incorporate the ever-important natural history. In fact, they’ll illustrate how the natural world has helped determine the course of history.
  5. Experienced Historians. We will not staff your voyage with an Historian who is getting this assignment as a “reward.” Rest assured, our team of speakers will have deep familiarity with the region, and will know how to highlight the major themes as well as the lesser known points of interest.
  6. European Heritage. Our company is founded by a European. Our ship’s Officers and Expedition Team are made up of Europeans. Our experience in Europe runs deep.
  7. Immersive Experiences. Whether it is a beer at the pub, our Expedition Team’s anecdotal stories at Recap, or the local musicians kicking up their (and your!) heels, we will give you a full sensory experience into Europe’s rich culture.
  8. Local Flavor. In the appetizers served on deck as we sail from port and our regional specialties served in the dining room, you will taste Europe. Our galley is headed by European-trained chefs. Our Hotel Manager is constantly scouring the local markets for delicacies to serve that night. You will not settle into a meal that could be served on any ship, anywhere in the world. You will know you’re in Europe.
  9. Dramatic Arrivals & Departures. Europe was made to be approached by sea. We get this. Our arrivals and departures are strategically calculated to take advantage of timing and lighting or use of our Zodiacs. Rather than a necessary burden, entering these ports is an event unto itself.
  10. Expedition Technology. Via kayaks, the video  microscope, our ROV and underwater cameras, our state-of-the-art presentation system, we’ll give you a perspective that would otherwise be very difficult to achieve. Our Video Chronicler will record it all and make sure it’s available for you by the time you disembark!

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