Alaska Cruise Season Has Started

A little insight to the start of the ships sailing up to Alaska….

I just returned from Seattle where I was asked to inspect a few of the small expedition ships before they left for their trip up to Alaska.

Linda with dining room staff of the Spirit of Discovery
Linda with dining room staff of the Spirit of Discovery
Everyone of the crew was so excited and looking forward to a summer of fun and hard work taking care of the passengers who sail on their ships. Most of the deck hands and officers return year after year under contract for the Alaska season. Many of the stewards, those who serve the meals and make the beds are new to working on a cruise ship. They are young and full of energy and have been picked from a large pool of applicants to work on the ships.

I was invited to have dinner on the Spirit of Discovery, a Cruise West ship. This is a yearly ritual that gives the dinning room staff a practice meal. I will say the staff at our table did a good job. They were so nervous and so cute. Ok, so they refilled our drinks promptly but always forgot to take away the old glass. At the end of dinner we had a zillion glasses on our table. We are not allowed to say anything as their supervisor is watching them and will give them an evaluation at the end of the meal. I should add that the food was delicious. Come to think of it is a practice meal for the chef also. Boy he didn’t need any practice. I had salmon, yummy with asparagus on the top. The dessert was beyond, little mini cakes and cream puffs and and…I actually left a few on my plate and pushed them away. What was I thinking, I would sure love to have them back in front of me right now…

As I was walking down the ramp, there were the passengers who had been picked up from the airport and transfer to the ship. Ready for their 10 day sailing through the Alaska Inside Passage.

Trust me when I say it was hard to walk away and not hide in some closet to be a stowaway. No matter how many times I sail up to Alaska, and I have done it many times, I am always in awe of the beauty the state has to offer.


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