Cruise West Spirit of Oceanus to Sail the World

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I was at Cruise West Seattle offices last week and got a taste of what it takes to put together a series of itineraries of this magnitude. Two graphic designers working 24/7 on the 62 page brochure. I saw a number of different brochure covers that were under consideration. I gave my vote, we will see what they decide on.

So details are still in the works, however, Cruise West is working on a series of itineraries making up a world cruise for its flagship, the Spirit of Oceanus.

The brochure is to be divided in chapters, each chapter divided by six explorers and the area of the world they each sailed.

The present plan is….being tweaked by the hour until it is perfect.

  • 24 voyages
  • 242 ports of call /destinations
  • 59 countries
  • 76 UNESCO world heritage sites
  • 14 seas and oceans

Stay tuned. We’ll announce more details as they become available. Keep in mind anything I tell you now maybe be old news by tomorrow and facts will be different. Still a work in progress. But a very very exciting work in progress.


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