Cruise West Offers Epic Year-Long Global Adventure

Voyages of the Great Explorers

Ground Breaking Journey Will Visit 242 Ports, 59 Countries on 24 Voyages

Marco Polo; Odysseus; Leif Eriksson; Christopher Columbus; James Cook; Ferdinand Magellan — history’s great sea explorers have inspired an epic global voyage destined to become the most memorable cruise of a lifetime.

These legendary adventurers whose travels shaped much of the known and the new world set the theme for Cruise West’s Voyages of the Great Explorers — a 335-day circumnavigation of the world. Departing Singapore on March 6, 2010, Cruise West’s flagship, the 120-guest, all-suite Spirit of Oceanus will sail westward, following the sun, to return to Singapore on February 3, 2011.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

St. Augustine’s words will come to life on the worldwide itinerary of the Voyages of the Great Explorers. Following the major routes inspired by history’s great ocean explorers, this new world voyage is a collection of 24 individual voyages within six themed “chapters” comprising one awe inspiring “book” that reflects the exploits of the legendary seafarers. Each distinct voyage, ranging from nine to 18 nights, will offer historical insights into the sea commanders who first made history along the same routes.

Drawing from its 63 years of tour and cruise experience, Cruise West promises one-of-a-kind voyages that will appeal to the history buff as well as the bold seafarer; traveling to places and sites that many people have only dreamed to venture.

“No other cruise line – big or small — offers a journey as long or as varied as Voyages of the Great Explorers,” said Richard West, managing director and chairman of Cruise West who will host the inaugural departure from Singapore. “A true explorer knows that smaller is better. These voyages are designed to visit remarkable destinations; waterways and sites during the best time of the year, and only a small exploration ship can access many of these destinations. Our guests also appreciate the casual but gracious environment that the Spirit of Oceanus provides.”

The Voyages of the Great Explorers includes visits to 242 ports of call in 59 countries and 85 UNESCO World Heritage sites while crossing 14 seas and oceans, transiting three canals — Port Suez/Port Said (Suez Canal transit); Corinth Canal/ Corinth (Mycenae/Nafplion); and the Colon/ Panama Canal – as well as a voyage tied to The Famed Edinburgh Military Tattoo, Scotland’s colorful military musical spectacular.

Further exploration by Zodiacs and included “Ultimate Explorer “ experiences will bring guests even closer to spectacular natural and historical wonders. A hallmark of the Cruise West experience is engaging and thought-provoking presentations aboard every sailing. These cruises will boast renowned guest lecturers, local experts and onboard Exploration Leaders who will expand upon the significance of the cultural and historical highlights as well as the explorers who left their mark.

Chapters of the Voyage of the Great Explorers

  1. Marco Polo – Ancient Trade Routes of the Mystic East, March 6 – May 5, 2010. Four enticing voyages recall the ancient trade routes from Southeast Asia to the Mediterranean Sea. Departing Singapore, the itineraries include visits to Thailand and Burma before exploring the Indian sub-continent and Sri Lanka. Then it’s on to historic Iran, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Jordan and Egypt, before concluding in Alexandria.
  2. Odysseus and the Phoenicians – Mediterranean Odyssey, May 5 – July 20, 2010. In this realm of ancient mariners, six voyages explore sun-drenched islands where gods and goddesses once meddled in the affairs of mortals. The voyages begin in Alexandria and sail on to mythic destinations in Greece and Turkey while guests savor the cultural richness and sensory pleasures of Tunis, Algeria, Italy, Sicily, Malta, Spain and Portugal before arriving in Honfleur, France.
  3. Leif Eriksson – The Viking Sagas, July 20 – September 8, 2010. Inspired by the heroic exploits of the Vikings, three voyages combine towering glaciers, capital cities, and leisurely days at sea between two continents. Departing Honfleur, France, these itineraries explore Ireland, the Orkney Islands and Scandinavia as well as the enchanting cities of Tallinn, St. Petersburg, London and Edinburgh. Then it’s across the Atlantic with stops at Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands before ending in St. John’s, Halifax.
  4. Christopher Columbus – The New World, September 8 – October 25, 2010. Five memorable voyages bring the New World into a new perspective. Depart St. John’s, Halifax and cruise along the Atlantic coastline, island hop in the Caribbean and transit the Panama Canal. With the ease offered on a small ship, explore the tropical rainforests of Panama and Costa Rica before disembarking in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Extensions are available to the Galapagos islands and Machu Pichu.
  5. James Cook – Idylls of the South Pacific, October 25, 2010 – January 19, 2011. Cruise the South Pacific from Guayaquil to Darwin, in waters Captain Cook once charted. These five voyages feature remote islands with pristine beaches, fabulous snorkeling and fascinating local cultures in Easter Island, Polynesia, New Guinea, the Cook Islands, New Zealand and Australia, ending in Darwin.
  6. Ferdinand Magellan – In Search of the Spice Islands, January 19 – February 3, 2011. The final chapter of the Voyages of the Great Explorers departs from Darwin bound for the port where the journey began in Singapore. Along the way explore intriguing cultures throughout Indonesia that combine Hindu, Islamic, Western and indigenous influences and wildlife ranging from the extraordinarily beautiful to the wonderfully bizarre.

Cruise West explorers can purchase individual voyages, sets of multiple voyages or the full circumnavigation. Prices per voyage start at $4,995 (US dollars) and include a hotel night pre-cruise. For maximum savings book and pay in full by July 15, 2009 and save up to 35 percent. Book more than one voyage and save an additional five percent. Book the entire voyage starting at $233,995 and Cruise West will include first class airfare. In addition, Quyana Club members (repeat guests) booking any of the voyages receive double savings of 10 percent and a lifetime savings of 10 percent off all future voyages.

The Spirit of Oceanus

Cruise West’s all-suite Spirit of Oceanus is the line’s most spacious and luxurious ship. It offers gracious comfort for 120 select guests. Each suite offers spacious closets, a large marble bathroom, sitting area and television. Two lounges, an outside bistro and an open-seating dining room provide a casual atmosphere for socializing. Seven suite categories are offered onboard, including 14 suites with private balconies and one elegantly appointed and spacious Owner’s Suite located on the ship’s Sun Deck.

2 thoughts on “Cruise West Offers Epic Year-Long Global Adventure

  1. Can I work part time on this voyages? I would like to come in for the full year voyage but at least for the Magellan part.

    I am a retired international banker, a certified public accountant, a former business school teacher. I possess a four year business school degree in Accounting and an MBA in Finance.

    I can do well enough on the karaoke to be entertaining to other seniors, a good cook, a grandson of a fisherman whose forebears were perhaps there when Magellan landed on an island called Homonhon astride Leyte Gulf on March 16, 1521. When I was little I remember my father owned a three masted boat he used for trading among the islands among his wares being Singer Sewing machines, Petromax and wrought iron beds. The Loyolas of Guiuan is the perhaps the biggest clan in town spread over the six biggest islands of Guiuan: Homonhon, Manicani, Suluan, Tubabao and Calicoan and Sulangan. Google any of these places and you will know what I am talking about.

    I am also an empty nester, my three kids having all left: Bernadette, the eldest, married to a U.C. Berkeley Chemist who was two years ahead of her at the school; my son, Paolo Angelo, a Law and MBA graduate of U. of Minnesota works in the tax or legal department at Target HQ in Minneapolis and Kristina 25, a Varsity third rower of the SF St. Ignatius Wildcats, a political and communications graduate of U.C. L.A. who was also one of the Editors of The Bruin and who after her last semester in London and Brussels and backpacking in Eastern Europe for another month went straight to work at Google n Mountain View. My wife still works as VP for Accounting at Bank of the West, San Francisco, a subsidiary of BN de Paris.

    Most of all I set up under construction to commemorate the 500th Anniversary of the first circumnavigation of the world. My plan is to open a Magellan public library in Guiuan or Homonhon before 2022 funded solely by my pension, God willing, and build a replica with wood from Brazil of the 60 ton Victoria to undertake the commemorative voyage with sponsorships from Portugal and Spain and various Silicon Valley individuals who are members of the local Boat Clubs some of whom have participated in the America Cup races.

    Though Magellan perished a month later in another island called Mactan, the Spaniards sent several more voyages to the islands until Ruy Lopez de Legazpi succeeded but which voyage as was all later voyages were undertaken from Mexico or New Spain on behalf of the Spanish Crown. History does record that in Homonhon he stayed to recuperate and was well received by the natives some of whom rowed from the other islands to Homonhon to bring provisions until the expedition was well enough to continue on March 25th unfortuantely to his death in April. Later the Jesuits built a church in Guiuan in 1595 and from that Parish, actually a fort, said to be the third best in the islands, grew around the church and the Jesuits, a religious organization known to be the think tank of the Catholic Church set forth to evangelize the Marianas and the Palaus which is now the newest democracy having been granted sovereignty by the United Nations five years ago only. Guiuan and Palau have more or less the same population. From Palau one of my grandfathers came, and from China my father came. He came because he could his forebears having predated the Spaniards in trading in junks among the islands.

    So I have been quite into Magellan’s lore having gone through at least 10 documented books on the voyage, including the original translations into English from the German translation of the Italian Pigafetta’s daily log. Pigafetta was an Italian noble man, some say a Jesuit, who paid his way to join the voyage unlike the 287 others of various European nationalities who were paid to join what I would say is the greatest sea adventure of all times. Without his daily log the world would not know about the travails of that ill fated expedition that started with five ships and ended with the smallest Victoria and 17 dying survivors when it wound its way back to San Lucas de Barrameda, Seville’s closest port several years later. In my free time too and to document my own little life I have started a diary wherein through flash backs I try as much as possible stories of my varied family which I hope my children could re-write into book form under the titles Stories From My Father and Stories From Leyte Gulf, covering the history of that part of the world as far as we could follow backwards based on the books of baptism of the Parish and the written and verbal testimonies of the ancients in that town.

    I have several chapters available for further reading.

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