CMIGreen / BBMG Green Traveler Study 2009

CMIGreen and BBMG are collaborating with leading tourism, hospitality and green/sustainable organizations and companies on this important new Green Traveler Study.

Taking a few minutes now to complete this survey will be an effective means of communicating your goals and concerns to the tourism and hospitality industries. It will guide them to better serve your needs, and to make meaningful changes to their practices.

The survey takes about 12-15 minutes to complete.

Ten Winners!

As an incentive, all those who complete the survey will be entered into a drawing to win your choice of a

  • $50 iTunes gift card, or
  • $50 Amazon credit, or
  • $50 donation to the community charity of your choice.

Follow this link to participate in the survey. Please forward this survey to your friends and family members!


2 thoughts on “CMIGreen / BBMG Green Traveler Study 2009

  1. Karen Strickland

    Would like to know where I can apply for a job working on a cruise ship. Have had experience with clients. Am currently Manager of three Fishing Lodges up here in Alaska, during the summer months only. The rest of the year would like to work on a cruise boat. I have sailed extensively in the past for months on the ocean, whether that helps or not. I do deep sea fishing, and river fishing. I will be happy to be a concierge, or even head of housekeeping.

    1. Karen, you’re best bet would be to contact each cruise line to see where their needs are. Also, performing a search on Lindblad jobs, Cruise West jobs will likely take you to online listings of job opportunities. Lastly, you might consider meeting & greeting cruise line staff while they’re in Alaska for the season to get some insight.

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