American Cruise Lines Announce 2009 New England Theme Cruises

American Cruise Lines recently announced a series of New England Theme Cruises for summer 2009.

Lobster Festival Cruise
Everything Lobster! Indulge in tantalizing feasts featuring the sweetest, most succulent local lobster. Historians and lobstermen will be onboard to share their knowledge of the evolution of the lobster as an American delicacy.

Lighthouse Cruise
View over 50 New England lighthouses on this special cruise designed for the person who loves lighthouses and discovering the unique story behind each one. Local historians and authors will be invited aboard to share stories of folklore, romance, haunted legends and the inspiring spirit of the lightkeepers who once called these treasures home.

Clambake Cruise
Clambakes are a festive New England tradition that have been a part of joyous occasions along the New England coastline for generations. Celebrate this tasty tradition aboard American Cruise Lines this summer.


3 thoughts on “American Cruise Lines Announce 2009 New England Theme Cruises

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    1. Historic Antebellum Cruise starts or ends Charleston/Jacksonville. I did this sailing last year on the American Spirit and loved every second of it. Felt like I had a mint julip in my hand the whole week. Wonderful southern hospitality. Every candy store said they supplied the candy for the movie Forest Gump. Prices start at $3295 per person, and we many times have discounts on specific dates. Give us a call and we can send you a brochure. 888-815-5428

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