American Cruise Lines Offer New Itinerary

American Cruise Lines recently announced a new itinerary for the 2010 cruise season.

Named the Grand America Cruise, this 8-day itinerary begins in Philadelphia, a city boasting centuries of political, economic, social, and cultural achievements and full of historical landmarks. Along the cruise you’ll visit places such as St. Michael’s, MD known as the ‘town that fooled the British,’ America’s sailing capital, Annapolis, MD, and Mt. Vernon, VA the former plantation home of our first president, George Washington.

The Grand America Cruise itinerary sailings 4 dates between Philadelphia and Washington D.C. in 2010; June 19 & 26, and July 3 & 10, These one way sailings alternate embarkation ports. Prices start at $3,295 per person. You can save $400 per person when you book at least 5 months in advance.

For more information on this itinerary, visit the Sunstone Tours & Cruises website.


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