Alaska – The Best Native Cultural Experiences

  • Ketchikan Totem Poles: This Tlingit homeland has three unique places to see totem poles: historic poles indoors at the Totem Heritage Center, faithful reproductions outdoors in a natural setting at Totem Bight State Park, and brand-new poles as they are created in a workshop at the Saxman Native Village Totem Pole Park.
  • Sitka: The Tlingits remain strong where they met Russian invaders in fierce battles 2 centuries ago. The totem poles and ancient Native art you can see here are second to none, and the setting makes them only more impressive.
  • Alaska Native Heritage Center (Anchorage): All of Alaska’s Native groups joined together to build this grand living museum and gathering place, where dance and music performances, storytelling, art and craft demonstrations, and simple meetings of people happen every day.
  • Iñupiat Heritage Center (Barrow): A living museum, this is a place to meet and enjoy performances by the Native people who built it, and to see extraordinary artifacts they have made and recovered from digs in frozen ground.

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