Zegrahm’s Wild Alaska & the Bering Sea

Zodiac exploration of Alaska's Brown Bears

In 2010, the Zegrahm Expeditions ship, Clipper Odyssey, will set sail to the remote regions of Alaska’s Bering Sea and Russia’s most eastern coast.

This unique voyage takes full advantage of summer’s the long hours, tracing pristine shores, crossing the Arctic Circle, and stepping ashore, and back into history, on both Russian and American lands. By Zodiac, you’ll experience the thrill of countless numbers of seabirds wheeling above dramatic rock formations; ashore, you’ll walk among a dazzling array of wildflowers that carpet the tundra at this time of year. And, like those first witnesses of the stereoscopic images of this pristine realm, you will be enveloped in the wild majesty that is still “the Great Land.”

This itinerary is rich with the marine and wildlife habitats of the North Pacific—rivers, fjords, spectacular bays and remote coves, dense forests, dramatic marine geological formations, and towering coastal mountains. On numerous Zodiac excursions we negotiate sea cliffs and sculpted basalt formations for up-close sightings of murres, fulmars, and puffins.

We enjoy excellent opportunities to view and photograph land and marine wildlife as well. Sightings of fur seals, walrus and Arctic fox and hare roaming the tundra are a real possibility. View brown bears as they descend to the shoreline to dig for clams. In the ocean, pods of whales—minke, orca, fin, sei, and humpback—congregate.

Your exploration of the region will uncover both archaeological remnants and living descendants of native cultures and later settlers, including the plentiful, highly photogenic, onion-domed Russian Orthodox churches.

A team of naturalists and historians will accompany you on this journey, enhancing your experiences with the region’s cultures, wildlife, and landscapes—with insight, humor, and historical perspective.

Visit our website for itinerary details, dates & rates information.


One thought on “Zegrahm’s Wild Alaska & the Bering Sea

  1. dexternicholson

    I want to go to Alaska too, I want to see some Ice covering the road and also on bears. I wonder if there’s a polar bear living in Alaska.

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