Alaska Clothing Considerations

You’ll find little use for a tie or any formal attire anywhere in Alaska, but you do need to prepare for broad swings in weather.

Summer — You’re not going to the North Pole, and you don’t need a down parka or winter boots weighing down your luggage. But you do need to be ready for a variety of weather, from sunny, 80°F (27°C) days to windy, rainy 50°F (10°C) outings on the water. The way Alaskans prepare for such a range is with layers. The content of the layers depends on what you’ll be doing, but everyone should bring at least this: warm-weather clothes, heavy long-sleeved shirts and pants, a wool sweater or fleece equivalent, a jacket, and a waterproof raincoat and rain pants. Gloves and wool hats are a good idea, too, especially for boating trips. If you’ll be camping, add synthetic thermal long underwear and wool socks and make your jacket thick synthetic fleece. Combining these items, you’ll be ready for any summer conditions. For hiking, bring sturdy shoes or cross trainers


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