Letter from Sven-Olof Lindblad

Below is a letter from Sven-Olof Lindblad concerning the January 7, 2010 Antarctica departure aboard National Geographic Explorer featuring reknown astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

For more information on this very limited offering, visit the Antarctica – The White Continent itinerary page on our website.

Dear Traveler,

As you know, we have a long tradition of sending our guests out on expeditions accompanied by some extraordinary travel companions. Perhaps you’ve personally traveled with one of the leading lights who’ve enhanced our voyages in the past.

This season is no exception, and frankly, even more exceptional.

Buzz Aldrin, PhD, NASA astronaut and historic moonwalker will join our January 7, 2010 Antarctica departure aboard National Geographic Explorer.

Now, there are many people on our roster of Global Luminaries that I would profoundly enjoy meeting and getting to know over the course of a voyage. Buzz Aldrin is at the top of my list.

His achievements alone would qualify him in my estimation — as a person I’d relish spending time with. And then there’s his personality.

I spoke with him at length while developing our Global Luminaries program, and it is obvious that he will be a great traveling companion. He is affable, welcoming, not at all standoff-ish, and a terrific storyteller with, needless to say, some pretty astounding stories to tell.

In addition, Dr. Aldrin is traveling to Antarctica for the first time, so he’ll be discovering it for himself — as he celebrates a milestone birthday on board. And since he is actively involved in the formulation of the current Administration’s space exploration plans, his onboard talks will be relevant to our future, as well as our past.
How interesting and fun might it be to share the discovery of Antarctica with “Rocket Hero” Buzz Aldrin — one of the world’s most acclaimed space explorers? It will undoubtedly be an experience to value. And speaking for myself, I’d definitely want the Video Chronicle of the voyage in my library!

This is a unique opportunity — to explore Antarctica with one of the world’s greatest explorers — and I’d hate you to miss it. So, I’m writing to let you know that we only have 12 cabins remaining, so only 24 more people will get the chance to join this voyage. If you’re interested in taking advantage, I’d suggest you call immediately to speak with an Expedition Specialist.

I hope you will choose to join the voyage. I know you’ll have an otherworldly experience.

Best regards,

Sven-Olof Lindblad

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