American Safari Cruises to Sail the Hawaiian Islands in 2011

American Safari Cruises, the cruise line that features luxurious yachts while exploring exotic destinations, will begin voyages to the Hawaiian Islands starting November 2011. It will be the second attempt at creating one of the first small ship explorations of the islands by American Safari Cruises. An attempt several years ago was dropped before the first sailing.

The inaugural Hawaiian season, from November 12, 2011 to May 12, 2012, will be the first unstructured inter-island yacht itineraries for the islands. While a general 7-night itinerary will be followed, each sailing will be customized. Explorations will include remote coves, inlets, and bays that can be explored via kayak, skiff, or on foot. Voyages will be limited to the leeward side of the eastern-most islands to avoid rocky seas.

Sailing the itinerary will be the 36-passenger Safari Explorer, offering luxurious comfort attended to by an all-American crew (several of which are residents of Hawaii).

Stay tuned as Sunstone Tours & Cruises will provide more details on these fantastic small ship voyages shortly.


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