Galapagos Cruise Report: Española Island

From the National Geographic Islander in Galápagos, Saturday May 22, 2010

The last day of our journey in the Galápagos was really the jewel of the crown. Española Island really has a large amount of beautiful attractions.

Kayakers had an early outing paddling along the shores of Gardner Islets. Sea lions, marine birds and sea turtles came along with our guests who enjoyed the beautiful fresh air of the early morning in the Galápagos.

After breakfast we had a snorkeling outing for the water lovers. Clear waters and warm temperatures with a big array of marine life were expecting us. What a great last snorkeling outing in the Galápagos!

We shared the beach at Gardner Bay with dozens of sea lions that shared their beautiful white sandy beach with us.

The afternoon was awaiting us with the best attractions – a great walk with sea lions of all ages, unique marine iguanas, and big lava lizards. We also saw finches and Hood mockingbirds.

Finally, the big highlights of the afternoon – the unique waved albatross and the big blow hole of this island, unique attractions that we will never forget.

We finished our expedition in the Galápagos with great excitement!

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