Small Ship Cruises are Smart Spending

The 90’s & early 2000’s saw an explosion of mega-liners hosting 3000+ guests per sailing. Travelers flocked to these behemoths, wanting more & more amenities and attractions.

Now, more people are looking for less. Less is more.

In the July 2010 issue of Smart Money Magazine, more cruise vacationers are bypassing big-ship buffets and waterslides in favor of more intimate small ship, yacht-style sea trips. Small ship companies say travelers are drawn to their vessels by the promise of a crowd-free, personalized trip and a chance to visit smaller ports the big guys can’t enter. And while the freedom of a smaller ship once meant giving up many cruise-line amenities, more companies are now adopting some of the big ship perks, from culinary-themed programs to spa treatments and yoga classes that are somehow squeezed onto the deck.

But switching from mega-liner cruises to a small ship cruise is not for everyone. Price, size, activities and experiences are quite different. The article does a good job in illustrating the differences. And our very own Linda Androlia, President of Sunstone Tours & Cruises was quoted twice. At least they chose a knowledgeable source.

Unfortunately, the article is only available from your local newsstand. However, a related slideshow is available from their website.


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