Alaska Cruise Report: Inian Islands, Elfin Cove and Fox Creek

From the National Geographic Sea Bird in Alaska July 27, 2010

This was a typical day of overcast Alaska weather, but it was NOT going to be a typical day of wildlife viewing! The first clue was found as we awoke in Idaho Inlet. As we arrived on the front deck, a raft of furry sea otters awaited us, floating by without a care. Our first outing was to cruise the Inian Islands. Navigating our way through kelp beds we wound around the shoreline. The tide was changing and Steller sea lions were feasting on a smorgasbord of fish! Puffins and pigeon guillemots filled the air! And then out of nowhere we were surrounded by humpback whales feeding! To our amazement a calf, hanging out waiting for mom, decided to check out one of the Zodiacs, coming so close we almost needed a wide-angle lens!

The day was not over. After lunch, we stopped at Elfin Cove, one of the most charming fishing villages in Alaska. On our way to Fox Creek on Chichagof Island, we spotted orca! We followed a pod of 12-14 resident orcas as they cruised magnificently through the misty waters. The last event of the day was either a hike through the forest of Fox Creek or a kayak adventure along the shore. On shore the emphasis was on bears and botany. The two most distinctive features were an amazing set of tracks created by brown bears stepping in the same place for decades and a bear scratching tree which clearly showed the size and power of these animals. But that wasn’t the end of the day… the whales just kept coming through dinner and into the evening. Wow! What a spectacular day!

Haiku Poem by one of our young guests (Ian Moran, age 5)

Long Zodiac Cruise
Sea lions, dead fish
Fish that sea lions ate, smelly
Puffins flying, mist

Enjoyed this Alaska cruise report? View the detailed itinerary…


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