Alaska Cruise Report: Tracy Arm Fjord-Fords Terror Wilderness

From the National Geographic Sea Bird in Alaska July 31, 2010

“I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry, it’s all so beautiful.” Such have been the sentiments expressed this week as we explored Southeast Alaska. In the past six days we have seen three brown bears, four pods of killer whales, twice come upon lunge feeding humpback whales, found a huge raft of sea otters, Zodiac cruised with Stellar sea lions, learned to drive a Zodiac, learned to navigate the National Geographic Sea Bird, found bear scat in the woods, bear hair on the trees, bear claw marks high on the tree trunks, bear footprints in the mud and oh yes, there were the three tidewater glaciers, calving glaciers, Zodiac cruises to the face of Sawyer Glacier, kayaking in the arms of Kelp Bay, into the grotto of Basket Bay and amongst the ice of Tracy Arm. How wonderful and exhausting to be in Alaska.

Some writings by our guests:

Alaskan Glaciers
(by Gil Moyer, age 10)
Lots of ice burgs
A lot of seals
Endless fun
Real cold

Glaciers, No More
(By Max Janik, age 14)
Beast of Alaskan waters
Splashing, floating, falling, crushing, splitting, melting
Everything around it depends, lives, retreats with it
Leaving us

(By Stan Rowe)
Things are left behind without intent
Bear poop, feathers drop, a branch is bent
Footprints bear and man leave just a hint
Approach by Zodiacs, the hot chocolate scent.

(By Aimee C. Rowe)
Big blocks of ice
Calving, shooting, falling
Dropping when you’re not looking

Dead Fish
(By Sean Moran, age 9)
I saw big, dead fish
They smelled like big, rotten eggs
I will not taste them.


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