Alaska Cruise Report: Tracy Arm-Ford’s Terror Wilderness

From the National Geographic Sea Bird in Alaska August 28, 2010

The soft dulcet tones we have become accustom to, woke us gently this morning. In prose worthy of John Muir, we were invited to come outside, admire the mountains, be awestruck by the dramatic fjord we have sailed into, the clouds are low, but withholding their moisture, the water is an emerald pool, a backdrop for the floating sapphires we call icebergs.

Zodiac cruises, zooming slalom style between and betwixt the bergs, we admired the sight and the sounds of Sawyer Glacier. Indescribable blue bergs sat stoically, circumnavigated by a small swarm of Zodiacs filled with admirer’s who valiantly attempted to capture the mesmerizing color for perpetuity in pixeled images.

Kayaks offered a bergs eye view for the afternoon. Paddling quietly you could actually hear yourself think, as long as you stayed away from the waterfall, nature can be very noisy albeit beautiful. The curious tapped their paddles on the bitty bergs, testing the density and strength of the glacial ice. Others let the ebb and flow of the tide determine their destiny for a short time.

Later, screams of delight were heard as the Zodiacs went rip roaring around the ship. Zodiac driving lessons were underway and the need for speed was blatantly apparent for some of the young new drivers.

We’ve had a week stuffed full of wildlife, new adventures, awesome scenery, a voyage that will surely take years to fully digest.

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