State of Galapagos Island travel

Galapagos Islands – There are a huge number of cruise operators in this area of the world. At Sunstone Tours we only work with a handfull of operators that we know and trust, like Lindblad Expeditions and International Expeditions.  It is times like these that our expertise and experience comes into play. Our clients who are now traveling in the Galapagos are taken care of, our agency is kept up to the minute by our suppliers who are on the ground in Ecuador and Galapagos. We can sleep at night knowing our clients are well taken care of.

Without a good travel agent you are on your own !!!

Lan Suspends Flights To Quito Yesterday Lan cancelled flights to Quito and increased security at its installations because of political unrest in Ecuador. Hundreds of angry police,who were incensed after a law was passed to cut their benefits,plunged Ecuador into chaos yesterday, shutting down airports and blocking highways in a nationwide strike. The government declared a state of siege, putting the military in charge of public order, suspending civil liberties and allowing soldiers to carry out searches without a warrant. Colombia closed its border with Ecuador and Peru decided to close its borders as well. LAN, which has domestic passenger operations in Ecuador, said the airport at the country’s business hub Guayaquil was not closed, but passengers were not being checked in for flights. The military is currently in control of the situation in Ecuador as of 1 October 2010, and efforts are underway to clear debris from roadways. However, due to the widespread unrest that occurred on 30 September, a significant amount of debris and still-burning tires continues to hamper ground transportation, and disruptions will continue throughout the day. There have been no reports thus far of any further protest actions or disturbances; the military is also now in control of the police force. Airports, including Quito’s international airport and Guayaquil’s Jose Joaquin de Olmedo International Airport , are currently open and flight operations are scheduled to return to normal on 1 October; however, in light of the number of aircraft on the ground the majority of initial flight operations will be departures until the backlog is cleared sufficiently to begin accepting arriving flights. Travelers should ensure that roads are passable and that they will be able to book travel on scheduled flight services before attempting to reach airports. It is not currently known to what extent local businesses will resume operations on 1 October.


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