Aboard the National Geographic Endeavour in Galapagos

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Bartolomé & James Islands

Last night we had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, and we slept so well that we woke up with so much energy this morning. At 6:30am we took the heart-breaking hike up to Bartholomew Island. This island is an open book for geology and, when you arrive, it seems that you’ve landed on the moon. We got to the summit and from there we had a spectacular view of this volcanic landscape and the islands in the vicinity.

We all came back on board for a well-deserved breakfast, got in to our wet suits and headed towards the golden sand beach. From there, people went snorkeling and saw the Galápagos penguins, white tip reef sharks, and a good variety of tropical fish. While the kids swam, we played American football in the water and everyone had a blast.

At 11:30am, we came back on board and the National Geographic Endeavour, weighed anchor, and motored to James Bay on the island of James. Here we went for one of the nicest walks in the Galápagos, along the beautiful coast line. We observed plenty of fur seals today, along with the always-cute Galápagos sea lions, marine iguanas, and lots of migratory birds.

Others decided to soak up the sun at the black volcanic sandy beach and went for the last snorkeling expedition of the voyage. This was really a magic week and we saw almost everything.

Gosh, Galápagos will always be a paradise and we are all blessed with such a place.

Fausto Rodriguez, Naturalist


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