Travel Dynamics Clelia damaged by wave in Drake Passage, Antarctica

News on Clelia II owned by Travel Dynamics.

Lets hope she is not more damaged than expected. She is a lovely ship that is finishing her winter season and then will move to another company called Orion Cruises. She is to be called the Orion II and will have a new life in fablulous sailings in Asia starting in spring of 2011.

Clelia 11 Cancels Next Cruise
The ship is now operating at normal speed on its way back to Ushuaia. The next cruise was cancelled to allow for a technical assessment. The ship will resume its normal sailings on December 22. A strong wave in the Drake Passage broke a window on the bridge, damaging electrical circuitry and injuring one crew member. The storm produced waves of six to seven metres with winds up to 45 knots. The damage to the electrical circuitry caused a loss of communications and affected engine performance. The National Geographic Explorer, operated by Lindblad Expeditions, was nearby. It accompanied Clelia II for much of the day and provided assistance in restoring Clelia II’s communications. Late Tuesday, Chilean authorities provided clearance for the National Geographic Explorer to resume speed, and for Clelia II to continue north
to Ushuaia under its own power. Speed was gradually increased during the night. A Lloyd’s surveyor will meet and inspect the ship which is expected tomorrow morning. The current cruise was to have ended today. The ship’s last Antarctica season was cut short for a propeller replacement. On Dec. 26, 2009, a strong current near Petermann Island pushed Clelia II against rocks, damaging the starboard propeller. There were no injuries, and the ship made its way back to Ushuaia under its own power.


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