Cruise Review: Galapagos aboard National Geographic Islander

Following is a Galapagos cruise review aboard the National Geographic Islander from January 2011.

Just returned from our trip of a lifetime. We planed and planed and worked with Linda, and every inch exceeded our expectations.

Due to storms we didn’t want to have any issues with missing flights so we flew into Miami a night early and stayed at the hotel right in the airport. We were first in line for our flights out to Guayaquil the next day.

We arrived in Guayaquil late at night and were picked up and taken to the Hilton along with many others who would be our sailing. Hilton was a a nice hotel and seemed to be the best in the area. A good night’s sleep, an early breakfast and off we were on our charter flight to the Islands.

And then our dream trip started. We saw amazing wildlife day after day. Just as you thought today was the best tomorrow exceeded it. We visited Santa Cruz, San Cristobal, Santiago, Isabela, Fernandina, North Seymour among other landings with our zodiacs. Our guides were professional, knowledgeable and most of all personal and fun, they made everything a good time. I was a little worried about the “stuffiness” of a National Geographic guide, but was totally in error of my perception. All guides have to be licensed by the country and are rated by levels. National Geo and Lindblad have only the top rated guides. I speak a touch of Spanish and it was fun to use it on our guides. Our guides were more than such, they sailed on the ship with us, they gave evening lectures, they ate dinner with us.

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