Cruise Review: Galapagos aboard National Geographic Endeavour

The following is a Galapagos Islands cruise review aboard Lindblad Expedition’s National Geographic Endeavour from December 2010.

There were so many choices in the Galapagos that I was over whelmed in making a decision. We researched up the gazoo. I came across Linda at Sunstone Tours who has been to the Galapagos and knew the many ships we were contemplating. Our issue was looking at the ships and not the naturalists and the experience. True to what Linda explained, the ship is NOT the focus, you are off the ship most of the time, it is the land, the animals, The Galapagos Islands being the focus. So that said we went with Lindblad/National Geographic since our research showed us they were the best by far in all the reviews mentioned. The highest rated Naturalists and have been sailing the Galapagos longer than any other company.

We were on the Endeavour with 98 passengers. We are a family of four, our kids are 13 and 15 and our trip was during the holiday season. We were prepared with hiking shoes, TEVA shoes for water landings, sun block, bug spray, good sunglasses, poncho, snorkel maskand anything else we could think of to spend more money at BIG 5. We were actually well suited and used everything we brought.

View the complete Galapagos cruise review…


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