Alaska Cruise Review: Safari Explorer

Following is an excerpt from an Alaska cruise review on American Safari Cruises Safari Explorer.

We were on American Safari Cruises Safari Explorer in Alaska. We are spoiled travelers and asked Linda for the most luxurious small ship yacht she worked with. I get sea sick and don’t particularly like the cold. So we had high expectations on her opinion. We were not disappointed.

We started with an overnight in Juneau at the Goldbelt Hotel. We were picked up by a town car. The hotel is nothing special, but I understand the best hotel in town. They picked us up from the airport and we had a nice size water view room. We visited the Red Dog Saloon, took Era Helicopters over Mendenhall Glacier and had breakfast at the Silverbow Bakery. A good start to our trip.

We boarded the ship and found our luggage in our cabin. We met our fellow passengers in a cocktail party the first night. Our ship held 36 and a good size crew. We booked late and could not get the best cabins but we were happy with our B2. The size was sufficient as was the storage, the high ceiling made it feel larger than its 170 sq ft.

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2 thoughts on “Alaska Cruise Review: Safari Explorer

  1. My husband and I traveled on the Safari Quest last September. Being luxury small ship cruisers on the likes of Seabourn, SilverSea and Regent, we wondered if a Safari cruise would live up to our expectations. It certainly did.We especially enjoyed the active excursions. We found the cabins to be a bit cramped and would probably opt for the larger Safari Explorer on our next cruise. The food, wine and service were outstanding.

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