International Polar Bear Day

Today, February 27th, is not only Oscar’s day, but also International Polar Bear Day, a day to honor this magnificent animal by taking steps to reduce your carbon footprint.

Global warming and its effects have contributed to the reduction of sea ice in the arctic north. This is directly threatening the polar bears’ survival. Polar bears depend on the ice as a platform from which to hunt seals, the mainstay of their diet. They also rely on sea ice for breeding and denning. Scientists now predict that two-thirds of the world’s polar bears could vanish by 2040 if current warming trends continue.

But this doesn’t have to happen. We can take steps to slow down global warming, to reduce our carbon footprint. Here’s how:

  • Make this the day you start unplugging computers, televisions, and small appliances when not in use
  • Begin a No Idle habit: turn off your car engine when waiting in line—or park and walk inside
  • Bundle up and turn down the heat by five degrees
  • Spring for a water heater blanket (and start wrapping up the savings)

Want to experience Polar Bears in their natural environment this summer? There are still a few cabins left on the Land of the Ice Bears cruise itinerary. View the itinerary details…


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