So Why a Small Ship Cruise?

So why a small ship cruise, you ask?

A small ship cruise is not for everyone. A small ship cruise does not offer rock climbing, wave boarding, ice skating, jumbo water slides, gigantic promenades, countless dining venues, majestic theaters, and high-stakes casino action. No, that is for travelers looking for the ship to be the destination.

A small ship cruise is about the destination, the region, the current surroundings. It’s about the region’s natural assets, it’s flora, it’s wildlife, or simply the scenery that surrounds you. It’s about the culture and history of the destination. It’s about learning, experiencing and enrichment. And it’s included in the price of the cruise, unlike mainstream cruises that offer shore excursions for an additional price.

If you are less of a vacationer, and more of a traveler and explorer, then consider a small ship cruise for your next adventure.

We just posted a comparison between small ship vs. large ship cruises on our website.

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