Free Air on Select Galapagos Cruises

Take advantage of FREE AIR on select 2011-2012 Lindblad Expeditions Galapagos cruises.

Experience Galápagos panoramically: on a voyage linking island to island, awaking to fresh vistas and discoveries every day. You’ll experience it intimately: landing each day on a new island, getting up close to the astounding wildlife. And you’ll experience it holistically: the undersea will be as vital a part of your adventure as the land, the sky, the animals, the grassy highlands and the beaches. Exploring with us is genuinely immersive: whether you’re literally underwater, in a kayak, or watching ROV footage of a world beneath the ship on a plasma screen in our ship’s Lounge.  

Blue-footed boobies. Electric-orange Sally Lightfoot crabs. Pink flamingos. The beauty of Galápagos is practically psychedelic. And in the nearly 50 years Lindblad Expeditions has been exploring there, they’ve introduced generations of travelers to its magic and mystery. They’ve not only had the experience of a lifetime, they’ve become fans, helping to preserve Galápagos, simply by falling in love with all they found there.

Because the ocean is a vital part of the Galápagos, the undersea will be a vital part of your expedition adventure. You’ll have opportunities to snorkel nearly every day; sometimes twice a day. Lindblad provides a wetsuit, mask, snorkel and fins — no need to pack your own — that will be yours alone for the entire voyage. If you’ve never tried snorkeling before but want to, count on an Expedition Naturalist to help you get the hang of it. For experienced SCUBA divers, Lindblad arranges challenging drift dive opportunities through a local dive operator in the archipelago. And if you prefer not to get into the water, National Geographic Endeavour’s glass-bottom boat is one way you can see the living sea.

Lindblad’s Galápagos expeditions offer guests an unprecedented service: a Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic Certified Photo Instructor aboard every departure. Their Instructors are there to help all photo enthusiasts, especially beginner-to-intermediate-level photographers better understand their camera, elements of composition, and how best to take advantage of Galápagos’ unique photo ops. More advanced photographers can take advantage of departures with National Geographic Photographers, or full Photo Expeditions.

Whether you’re eight or eighty, there is joy and wonder for all in this truly ageless place.

The Galapagos have become a very popular destination. If interested, it is best to contact us at Sunstone Tours & Cruises immediately to take advantage of this great air travel savings opportunity, and to book an adventure of a lifetime. Visit our dedicated website at

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