Queen of Mississippi Launched Early by American Cruise Lines

American Cruise Lines has just launched of the Queen of the Mississippi, a magnificent brand new sternwheeler built for the Mississippi.

At Chesapeake Shipbuilding in Maryland on Sunday, July 17, the launching went picture perfect at nine weeks ahead of schedule. Immediately after the launching, tugboats skillfully nudged the new riverboat into Chesapeake Shipbuilding’s Outfitting Basin Number 2 where the upper decks and outfitting will be completed.

The launching comes just a few weeks after the joining of the two hull sections, weighing at almost 500 tons apiece. With the completion of the fourth and fifth decks up next, Queen of the Mississippi’s superstructure will come together quickly, giving shape to the first riverboat built for the Mississippi in many, many years, and the grandest ever!

The Queen of the Mississippi will sail various Mississippi River itineraries beginning Aug 11, 2012 from New Orleans, Louisiana on a 7-night journey up the Mississippi to Memphis, Tennessee. The ship will then begin a series of 7-night cruises travelling as far north as St. Paul, Minnesota while utilizing its remarkable speed to open up new itinerary possibilities. Like all true riverboats, a stage and bow ramp will give the ship access to the
many interesting ports without docking facilities.

Passengers will be invited to retrace the steps of the Civil War, discovering famous museums such as Vicksburg’s National Military Park and New Orleans’ Civil War Museum, the oldest museum in Louisiana; memorial monuments such as the 60-foot-tall statue of Robert E. Lee, also in New Orleans; and famous historic battle fields including those of Vicksburg and Nashville. Onboard, passengers will enjoy era-inspired cuisine, music and entertainment, while sharing war theories along the way with onboard Civil War historians and lecturers. Dependent on itinerary, each theme cruise will feature elements specific to each destination, making for a truly exclusive experience.

For more information on these Mississippi River Paddlewheeler cruises or to book your river cruise today, visit our website or contact Sunstone Tours & Cruises toll-free at 1-888-815-5428.


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