Cruise Report: American Cruise Lines – American Spirit – Day 2

Chesapeake Bay – Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown

Day two on the Chesapeake Bay brought us down to Yorktown. We arrived in the wee hours, with the treat of waking up opening our balcony door and realizing we were right in the center of the dock that leads to the quaint town of Yorktown. We of course are the only ship arriving, we are surrounded by small yachts, big yachts, fishing boats and whatever the local dock of Yorktown has to offer. We walk off the ship as locals for the day. The reason I love the small boats; we do not take over anything, we just fit in.

After a good breakfast buffet, we were all on our way. Passengers went in all directions with many options. Our arrival into Yorktown provides a jump off spot for Williamsburg and Jamestown. Some stayed on the ship and read on the top deck in the shade of of the overhangs. Others took the scheduled ship bus to Williamsburg, others walked off the ship to explore the quaint little town of Yorktown.

Myself being the A type traveler that I am, I had to see it all. We jumped onto the free Yorktown Trolly with narration, which took us to the Williamsburg Visitors Center which allowed us to jump another bus to Jamestown. Very complicated and all laid out by Nickki, the ships Cruise Director. As Williamsburg could be a whole weeks vacation on its own we had to pick and choose what to see and do. We forgot to sign up for the optional box lunch the ship provides and were too busy to come back to ship for lunch so we ate in the area.

We had a very fun, busy and wonderful day. We came back to the ship around 4pm, the Trolly stops right in front of the dock to the ship; could not be more convenient. On the way down the dock we were stopped by a family asking us about the American Spirit. People are always curious as we slide into ports and slide out again without an hoppla.

A 5:30pm cocktail party with a complete selection of mixed drinks is included in your cruise fare. We had a treat tonight with three members of the Fife and Drums of Yorktown visiting and performing for us, along with an education on the history of it all. Very interesting.

Dinner was delicious again, a meat, fish and veggie option. I had the roasted chicken which was done just the way I like it. Dessert was a yummy, southern pie to die for. Then like we hadn’t had enough, during an after dinner lecture, “Big Wigs, Old Goats, and Loose Women,” a description of everyday life in the 18th century, the staff shows up with delicious root beer floats. I could not pass it up.

Tomorrow we are promised kit flying off the top deck, and Tangier Island, which for me is the high point of the trip. Difficult to get to, no one goes there, the few residents actually speak with an “Elizabethan accent.” The ship has arranged for us to cover the island on a golf cart tour. And … looking forward to being introducted to Solomon Island cake, they tell us 15 layers each baked seperately. Promises to be another fun and a day full of new experiences.


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