Cruise Report: American Cruise Lines – American Spirit – Day 4

Chesapeake Bay – Cambridge, MD

We escaped threatened thunderstorms to have a beautiful clear day. I even snuck away after breakfast for a snooze on the top deck. I had the whole deck to myself, Definitely a small ship perk.

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We sailed all morning, arriving in the port of Cambridge after lunch. Sailing time is good, it gave us time to hear Lori’s lecture titled, “Green Eggs and Sand,” as well as time to hang out and have down time. I wrote post cards that go in a basket and American Cruise Line provides the stamp and mails them at the next town. A bunch of us worked on the 1,000 piece puzzle in the library. Our king puzzle person is Andrew, our youngest person on the ship at 18, here with his parents and grandparents.

Lunch consisted of chicken kabobs, soups and dessert. Have I mentioned that every lunch and dinner has a bread basket with different rolls and bread. My math tells me they have to come up with 14 different recipies. If they dare repeat in the next few days I know we will catch them.

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Our arrival in Cambridge at 2:30pm had everyone going in different directions. Options included LaGrange Plantation to enjoy “Sweet Tea Time.” Another option was a two hour cruise on Skipjack Nathan to learn about oyster dredging and the life of a waterman. The ship is run by a volunter crew as a non profit foundation. Everyone I talked to had a great time.

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We opted to take the shuttle into town. I will say it was sad and dissapointing. What I can see was at one time a beautiful vibrant downtown was not so any longer. Beautiful opulant buildings and homes in need of help, along with many vacant stores. Unfortunately this is the plight of many of these small, once quaint towns in this area that depend on the water for their livelihood. On the other hand, we are docked in a yacht harbor with many, many beautiful recreational boats. Speaking to the Captain, he believed people live in the large cities around Cambridge and dock their boats, but do not live in the area. So, as I found out today, not all that exciting. It is part of learning about life on the Chesapeake Bay, the pluses and the minuses.

Linda with Captain Bruton. Click to view larger image

Dinner was the usual yummy food. Dessert again was an issue of which one, Peanut Butter Pie or Caramel Cheese Cake. Brilliant waitress Jenna said, “how about 1/2 of each.” I was happy happy, both beyond delicious. We had a wild crazy and loud group at our table tonight. Everyone mixes and mingles at every meal, no cliques or saving seats. I notice we have a number of single ladies on the ship and they are included in everything.

Tomorrrow we have an early morning visit to Oxford which Nikki our Cruise Director says is absolutely lovely.


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