Cruise Report: American Cruise Lines – American Spirit – Day 5

Chesapeake Bay – Oxford, MD

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Woke up to glorious clear skies and a little less hot, not cool but less hot. We actually did not sail last night as I thought we would. Instead the plan was to stay docked and drive over to Oxford.

After breakfast we were offered a bus tour over to Oxford with a historian educating us along the way. I am sorry I can’t remember his name, but what a gem and source of information. He was born and grew up in Oxford and was able to tell us the changes over the years, and there were many.

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Oxford, 17 miles away from Cambridge was apples and oranges. The town is gorgeous, surrounded by water on three sides, it is water view every way you turn. The town is vibrant, beautiful, and very expensive to live. Our tour guide sounded like the unofficial Mayor of the town. He had many stories of the prior Oxford and the wealthy new Oxford. He was so cute, we were in the middle of our tour and it was 9:45am. He said nothing opened until 10am, BUT, he personally had the key to the Museum, the Bookstore and the Church. So off we went. Private tours of each, love the small ship experience. Oxford is going on my personal long list of places I want to live for a few months someday.

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We returned to the ship for lunch. We saw many boxes being piled onto the ship and many were labbeled “crab”, we knew we were in for a treat. We left the dock and sailed for our next port of St. Michaels, MD.

While we were sailing, we had a demonstration by Lori our naturalist on how to eat crab. Or should I say how to pick the crab out of the shell. She educated us on the price of crab, the amount one might purchase for a meal, for crab stew, etc … it was the Cooking Channel in our lounge. And yes we were in for a treat.

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Happy hour the staff set up a few tables outside off the lounge. Everyone picked up a beer (no charge ever) and went to the crab eating tables. Note the tub of crabs photo, boy did everyone have a ball. Only complaint we should have had bibs for all the mess that was made. Little wood hammers and all. A special treat for everyone, and there was Lori giving pointers on how to get every speck of meat out of those suckers.

Dinner was great as usual. I didn’t care for any of the main choices on the menu so I asked for a hamburger, (I like my comfort food). As the crew will do, they will accommodate anyone who wants a little variation to the menu. If they can do it in the kitchen it will be done for you.

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We were lucky enough to have the Captain at our table again. Fun crazy conversations all around. Our Captain writes books, has four CD’s, sings, plays the guitar and writes poetry. A really interesting all around guy to chat with. We had a table for eight and enjoyed all our fellow passengers. It is nice that everyone still mixes and mingles, no real cliques or groups have formed, it is really one big happy family with each of us getting to know each other more intimately.

After dinner everyone had the opportunity to have a tour of the Pilot House with Captain Bruton. It is 10pm and it seems like everyone turned in early tonight. It was a long busy fun day and being outside in the lovely fresh air and sea breeze has everyone to bed early.

We are now docked in St. Michael’s MD, we are litterly docked in the middle of the outdoor Maritime Museum. Talk about a convenient location wow. Tommorrow is an ECO Tour on the Bay and bikes rides through town.


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