Lindblad Expeditions Offers New Culinary Program & Columbia River Itinerary

The Columbia River

Lindblad Expeditions is set to launch a new culinary program associated with a new Columbia River itinerary in 2012.

The new onboard dining program features a menu dominated by local and sustainable foods in addition to a selection of wines and craft beers that have gained the region international acclaim. At the same time, Lindblad Expeditions will launch their new Columbia & Snake Rivers Journey: Harvests, History and Landscapes itinerary.

Scheduled to launch next September aboard the 62‐passenger National Geographic Sea Bird and
National Geographic Sea Lion, this natural, cultural and culinary 7‐day/6‐ night adventure will unveil a spectacular landscape millions of years in the making and a vibrant patchwork that encompasses high art, fine foods, award‐winning wines along some of the route Lewis & Clark followed on their Corps of Discovery Expedition.

Multnomah Falls

The new program (which builds on Lindblad’s 20+ years of exploration in the region) will provide a chance to experience the Pacific Northwest like never before, thanks in part to a series of fascinating new experiences that will celebrate the land as well as the spectacular harvests it yields. Highlights will include a trip to The Gorge White House, a 102‐year‐old working family farm that features breathtaking and panoramic views of both Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams. Guests will be hosted by the farm’s owners Jerry and Camille, multigenerational farmers who grow heritage pears, apples, berries and greens using environmentally respectful and innovative techniques. The visit will culminate with a delicious meal using farm ingredients, and served on the property’s garden patio.

Guests will also tour and taste the fruit of the vines from leading Columbia Gorge wineries. The focus on Pacific Northwest viticulture will continue back onboard, where an array of award‐winning regional wines will be served, specially selected by Executive Chef Gary Jenanyan (former executive chef at Robert Mondavi Winery).

The journey will begin by navigating the Columbia to the mouth of the river at Astoria. At Fort Clatsop, where the explorers hunkered down for the wet winter of 1805‐1806, guests can walk through the fullscale reconstructed fort. The voyage will also offer plenty of chances to enjoy the region’s trademark natural splendor, adjusting itineraries to allow for even more time to take in the majestic sights of Multnomah Falls, Crown Point and other landmarks. Of course, no trip to the Pacific Northwest would be complete without plenty of opportunities to get out and experience its natural wonders firsthand. This journey offers a vast array of options ranging from hiking and kayaking adventures to Zodiac cruises in the Lewis and Clark Wildlife Refuge or Palouse River.

Zodiac cruises on the Columbia River

For those looking to supplement this natural beauty with fine art, there is a visit to the acclaimed Maryhill Museum. Perched on a basalt cliff high above the Columbia River, the museum boasts a collection that is as eclectic as it is extensive, including one of the world’s finest Rodin collections as well as an extraordinary collection of native baskets and bead work.

The entire experience of the voyage will be all the more authentic and delicious thanks to a groundbreaking new collaboration with the Portland‐based Food Alliance that makes Lindblad Expeditions the only Food Alliance Supply Chain Ally in the travel industry. Through independent inspections, this non‐profit organization ensures that food is produced by welltreated workers, meat products come from humanely‐raised animals, and that regional soil, water and wildlife habitat are protected and enhanced. A majority of the food served on the ship will be a reflection of their work.

Zodiacs Filled with Adventurous Guests & National Geographic Sea Lion Leaving McNary Lock

Lindblad Expeditions and the Food Alliance will work together to highlight a variety of the region’s
leading providers, including Country Natural Beef, a cooperative of 120 family ranches in 13 Western
states; Tillamook Cheese, made up of 110 dairy farms committed to animal welfare and dating back to
1909; Draper Valley Farms, the pioneer of Washington and Oregon‐raised fresh chicken since 1935, and
many more.

The partnership is consistent with both Lindblad’s history and its mission. Each Lindblad expedition is inexorably linked to the health of the ecosystem, designed so that its passengers can enjoy the company’s destinations today and contribute to others’ enjoyment of them for years to come. And by working with Food Alliance, Lindblad is ensuring a succession of ecological responsibility, supporting those fishermen and farmers who, in turn, help to support some of the most beautiful places on earth.

There will be ten weekly departures in 2012 from September 14 – October 27. Rates begin at $3,990 per person based on double occupancy for a Category 1 cabin for September and October, 2012 expeditions. For more information or to book your Lindblad Pacific Northwest experience today, visit or call 1-888-815-5428.


One thought on “Lindblad Expeditions Offers New Culinary Program & Columbia River Itinerary

  1. Why we love it here: The mighty sweep and grandeur of the big Pacific Northwest waterways. The grand traditions of the Pacific Northwest tribes and rich art, including the beautiful Mary Hill Museum, a Beaux-Arts style mansion turned perched atop a bluff overlooking the river. The opportunity to walk in the footsteps of some of history’s greatest explorers. The fantastic food, wine and craft beer we enjoy while touring a working, organic farm and vineyards. Why you might want to visit the Pacific Northwest: A voyage aboard our expedition cruise ship means you’ll sail through eight locks and eons of geological history while exploring historical cultures that lived along the river’s banks.

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