Love Santa? Visit the North Pole in 2012

Visit the North Pole summer of 2012 with Quark Expeditions
Visit the North Pole summer of 2012 with Quark Expeditions

Just can’t get enough of the North Pole this holiday season? Be one of only 250 people to stand at the top of the world in 2012 by visiting the North Pole with Quark Expeditions aboard their latest nuclear icebreaker, 50 Years of Victory.

This one-of-a-kind, 14-day itinerary travels roundtrip from Helsinki, Finland (via mandatory chartered flight from/to Murmansk, Russia (additional)) to the actual North Pole. You’ll travel in style, sailing onboard 50 Years of Victory, one of the world’s most powerful icebreakers. You’ll transit the Arctic Ocean, crushing multi-year ice pack in the processes. A complimentary helicopter ride affords an aerial view of the progress being made.

This is a real expedition. Unlike many cruises, with set schedules, on this voyage, everything is determined by conditions. The voyage from Murmansk, Russia to the North Pole can take anywhere from 5 to 8 days. Most ship guests simply enjoy the heightened sense of adventure that comes with this unpredictability. In 2008, 50 Years of Victory made the fastest recorded crossing between these two points: 4.5 days! During this time, you’ll spend time looking out for arctic birds and the highlight for most, spotting a polar bear, possibly with cubs.

Once arriving at 90 North (the North Pole), guests celebrate in their own ways, from holding special signs or their national flags to standing on this mystical spot, holding a talisman brought thousands of miles for this one purpose. After the initial sense of wonderment, you’ll celebrate as a group with a champagne toast, followed by a BBQ on the ice.

On the return trip, you’ll make a multi-day stop at Franz Josef Land, where you’ll explore Cape Flora, and discover historic remains from three ill-fated Arctic expeditions. If conditions permit, Zodiac trips beneath towering cliffs will explore remote seabird rookeries. Onboard helicopters again will provide aerial sightseeing, and transfer you to otherwise inaccessible landing sites.

If you travel this far, you might consider extending your trip by exploring St. Petersburg, Russia via a luxurious high speed train adventure post cruise.

Rates start at $22,790 per person for this once-in-a-lifetime experience that so few have the opportunity to partake in. For questions or to book your North Pole Expedition, contact Sunstone Tours & Cruises toll-free at 1-888-815-5428.


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