Celebrate in the New Year with an Authentic Pisco Sour

A Pisco Sour
A Pisco Sour

Celebrating New Years and looking for a different cocktail to ring in the new year? Look no further than an authentic Pisco Sour, a claimed national drink of both Chile and Peru.

Pisco is a clear, fermented brandy that has been distilled from fresh musts of Muscat grapes in copper alembic stills since the Spanish conquest, and is considered part of Peru’s cultural heritage. This liqueur is also the national spirit of Chile, although each country has a distinct history and uses Pisco for different cocktails.

Here’s a Pisco Sour recipe from International Expedition’s Amazon River tour Expedition Leader, Jorge Salas. The frozen Pisco Sour is a happy hour staple on their Amazon River cruise aboard, La Amatista.

Frozen Pisco Sour 3-2-1 Recipe


  • 3 parts of Pisco (Or Italian Grappa, Brandy, Vodka or Scotch. Alcohol must be 80-85 proof)
  • 2 parts of bar sugar syrup (or regular white sugar)
  • 1 part of fresh key lime juice.
  • Egg white lightly beaten. (For one Pisco sour glass use one tablespoon of egg white)
  • Ice (in the same volume as liquids)
  • 2 drops of Angostura bitter (or a bit of powdered cinnamon)


  1. Combine Pisco (or the alcohol you will be using), sugar syrup (or regular white sugar), key lime juice and egg white into a blender.
  2. Once you have all the ingredients in the blender, add the ice. Use the same amount of ice as of liquids.
  3. Blend until all the ice is thoroughly crushed. Serve and add a couple of Angostura bitter drops. (Or powder cinnamon in case you can’t get the bitter)

Tip 1: The previous recipe is for the Frozen Pisco Sour, the same type we serve on the Amazon River tour. If you want to try the original Pisco Sour (Great at winter time) follow the same recipe but instead of a blender use a bar shaker. Shake it all strongly until you are sure that all the ingredients have mix well. Serve and add the Angostura bitter drops.

Tip 2: If you find that the result of the preparation is too sweet for you, change the recipe a bit and make a 3-1-1 Pisco Sour: 3 parts of Pisco, one part of sugar and one part of key lime. The other ingredients are the same. This is what my wife and I make at home. Cheers!

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